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Freestyle - Obertauern

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You are a freestyler and want to improve your tricks. Regardless wheather piste tricks, kickers or rails, the lessons will be customized to fit the group and the terrain (piste, park, etc.). Your instructor will show you how to jump, land, pull tricks and make some grabs. You will also lern how to shape a kicker.

The Freestlye courses are held on Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 16:00. You can start on any of these days.

PRICES € (2,5 hrs) lesson only incl. Board & Boots incl. Board & Boots kids younger than 10 years
6-day course 219 335 was 401 297 was 401
5-day course 196 288 was 355 264 was 355
3-day course 158 235 was 267 204 was 267
extension day form 3rd day 29 49 was 74 36 was 74
1 day course 2,5 hrs 69 94 was 114 83 was 114
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